ns-voice-opportunities-for-involvementThere are three separate opportunities for you to be involved in which will lead to improving services for others in the future. Please get in touch with Carole (01782 683043) if you would like further information, or want to get involved.

  • Would you like to be involved in the training of Police Officers to raise their awareness of mental health problems?

Staffordshire Police will be starting a new mental health awareness training programme and feel that some ‘real life’ stories would be vital to make the training more meaningful.

  • Have you been treated under a Section of the Mental Health Act recently?

This is an opportunity to speak to someone about your experience, so that providers can look at how to improve.

  • Have you used the ambulance service recently – for mental or physical health reasons?

This is an opportunity to be involved in training paramedics at Staffordshire University.

Get Involved!