North Staffs Voice for Mental Health has a Board of Trustees who are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

Our current Board is as follows:

Chair: Adam Colclough – I have been a member of North Staffs Users Group since 2013 and have regularly volunteered at Harplands Hospital. I have had opportunity to see the valuable work we as an organisation do is supporting people with mental health issues. That work is more important than ever at a time when services are threatened by deep spending cuts and continued prejudice against people with mental health problems.

Vice Chair: Philip Avery – Personal experience of mental health services for about 20 years. A broad knowledge of mental health issues developed over 15 years while volunteering and working in mental health and a wide network of friends, acquaintances, and colleagues who use mental health services. I am familiar with both successful and unhelpful experiences. From a background of working with IT I have an understanding of IT and of business practices. I believe we who need these services should do all we can to shape services to best meet our needs and that NSV is a perfect vehicle through which to achieve this.

Jane Clewes I have always been interested in social justice. I do not take things on face value; my training in clinical research skills helps me to be critical in a scientific way. I have an enduring mental illness and have been treated in secondary mental health services; this has led to my interest in the ‘expert by experience’. I have worked in various mental health services for over 30 years as a clinician, including outside of Stoke-on-Trent. I would bring to the position of trustee: written skills, presentation skills, knowledge of mental ill-health, literature searching, motivation and support for my peers.

 Ashleigh Jones – A caring and thoughtful individual with a positive attitude who works well within a team that is passionate towards goals which will make a significant impact to influence social change. Having completed a BSc Psychology degree, I have a theoretical understanding of mental health conditions and varied methods used within the health industry. Skilled at obtaining and analysing research collected to form presentations showcased to a varied audience. Reflecting on personal experiences using CBT services and voluntary work within mental health charities e.g. Changes. Able to reach a wide demographic of people who offer accounts of their experiences and improvements.

Carole Foster – Despite being new to the NSV I feel I could bring something to the role of Trustee. I admire the ethos and aims of the organisation and its achievements to date. Trusteeship equates with my own personal values of integrity, transparency and accountability, all underpinned by confidentiality.  Alongside my enthusiasm and passion for raising awareness of and eradicating stigma around mental health, would be my desire to sustain the good practices already in place and seek to improve the services provided if and where necessary, thus maintaining our currency and relevance.

David Conlon