We produce a variety of information leaflets on useful topics related to mental health and your care. These are:

Leaflet 1 Depression – what it means to you
Leaflet 2 Depression – Strategies for survival
Leaflet 3 Depression – Local sources of help
Care co-ordination – What it is and how it works
Care co-ordination  – What to expect when it works properly
Are you feeling low, anxious depressed ?
Leaflet 1 Hospital Admissions – rights and procedures
Leaflet 2 Treatment – Info and Consent
Leaflet 3 Discharge – Mental Health tribunals
Leaflet 4 Sections and Sectioning under the MH Act
Leaflet 5 Changing your consultant
Personality Disorder – What the diagnosis means
Personality Disorder – Possibilities for Treatment
Bipolar Disorder – A brief guide for service users
Psychosis – A brief guide for service users
Schizophrenia and Psychosis – A brief guide for service users
Hearing Voices – A brief guide for service users

These are available on our leaflet racks at all of the mental health resource centres, or contact us and we can post some out to you.

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