If you are interested in volunteering at North Staffs Voice for Mental Health please contact us or phone 01782 683043 and speak to Mervyn our volunteer coordinator. He will arrange to meet with you to discuss the opportunities and training that we offer, and to help you identify your skills and qualities. All of our volunteers receive regular training for the different roles.

Getting involved – there are always different opportunities available. As a member-led organisation, we like to involve as many people as possible in the different activities that we do. Once you have met with Mervyn and discussed what is available, we will keep you up-to-date with other involvement opportunities when they come up. We have a monthly volunteer support group – giving our volunteers an opportunity to meet up, share experiences and discuss training needs.


No pressure – we recognise that an individual’s mental health can vary and this can affect your ability to be a volunteer.  We arrange regular one-to-one meetings to discuss how you are managing in your volunteer role. We are happy to be flexible and many of our volunteers ‘take a break’ when they are unwell and return when feeling better.

We have a variety of roles:

Our Voice newsletter—four times a year, we produce a newsletter. We are always looking for people to write an article for Our Voice.  You could join the Voice Editorial Board (VEB), it is a group that reviews articles and decides what goes into the newsletter, they also proof read it. We have a membership of over 1300, so it’s a big job to mail anything out. This is a lovely relaxed volunteering role, the group enjoy a drink and biscuits while putting the newsletter in envelopes and sticking labels on the front.

User Rep —this volunteering opportunity involves going out to visit groups with a member of staff. The aim is to listen to people’s views on mental health services, to attract new members and promote the organisation. You will need to attend the training session before you can be a user rep, but if you are interested and unsure of what the role involves, then you can do a ‘taster’ visit.

Harplands User rep – this involves going onto the wards at Harplands up to once a week and listening to the views of people there. This role can be challenging as you are meeting people when they are most unwell; full induction, support and training will be given. If you are interested in this role, then Mervyn will arrange for you to meet with Hilda to discuss it.

Trustee – The Board of Trustees are responsible for the governance of North Staffs Voice for Mental Health, they are elected to the position by the members at our AGM. If you are interested in this role then you can be invited to ‘shadow’ at meetings so you get an idea of what is involved. Follow this link to read about our current Board members.